Montana Casinos Now Offer Vegas-Style Slot Machines

thanks to a new law after january 1 2012 montana casinos can now offer slot machinesThanks to new state law, as of January 1st casinos in Montana are now offering Vegas-style line gaming machines. These machines resemble slot machines but do not have pull levers.

Previously, Montana casinos had only offered video poker and video keno.

"You can buy these upgrades for your machines, but as far as something new and fun in casinos it has been a long time," said Stacey Norton, General Manager of Missoula Casino.

In fact, it has been about 25 years since the last major update to video gaming in Montana. Casinos hope the idea of offering something new will bring in new business and will make up for losses in revenue in the past few years.

Video gambling machines were first legalized in Montana in 1985. With the addition of the new games, it is estimated that gambling tax revenue will increase almost $5 million in fiscal year 2013.


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