Two Slot Machine Winners at Atlantic City Casinos Earn Almost $2 Million Each

Within just one week, two people hit jackpots worth almost $2 million at Atlantic City casinos. The first one was hit at Trump Plaza for $1.9 million and the second was hit on August 2, just six days later, for $1.6 million at Bally's Atlantic City.

The jackpots were announced Tuesday as part of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement's new initiative to publicize the high jackpots being won at Atlantic City casinos.

According to the Division of Gaming Enforcement, in the past 30 days over $500,000 was won on slot machines offering jackpots of $75,000 or more and over $7 million has been awarded since June.

“The publication of these jackpots is seen as the next step for increasing public awareness of our regulations and to share statistics that have been compiled as a result of those regulations,” said Division of Gaming Enforcement Director David Rebuck in a statement.


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