The three individuals who are suing the casino are all of Chinese descent and they are seeking damages against the Atlantic City casino in addition to compensation for the chips that the casino has refused to let them cash.

“The countersuit has no merit and is nothing more than a ploy by the gamblers and their lawyers to tarnish the Golden Nugget’s reputation in order to gain an economic advantage in the lawsuit. We will not let this happen,” the casino said in a statement.

According to casino officials, the 14 gamblers won a total of $1,536,700 but they were only able to cash out $558,900 in chips immediately after the game had ended. There is still $977,800 in chips that has yet to be redeemed. While the gamblers want to be paid out the rest of the money, the casino wants them to return what was cashed out.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is currently investigating the mini-baccarat dispute.

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