By Nicholas Colon

Ever since Ed Thorp published his book Beat the Dealer in 1962 it has been accepted that the diligent player can beat the casino at blackjack. As a kneejerk reaction to this, the casino owners met and decided to implement a series of changes to the game. After a late night meeting, in a smoke filled backroom, all the casino owners unanimously decided to change the rules of blackjack to make Thorps approach no longer valid.

The result was that practically everyone stopped going to casinos. Occupancy ratings at the Las Vegas resorts dropped almost 90% in the weeks after the changes were implemented. The overnight changes made players think that the casinos were not playing fair. After only a few weeks the casinos were forced to reinstate the original rules. But the casinos decided to implement smaller changes over an extended to period of time to again make Thorps analysis invalid. The casinos went from 1 to 2 decks, than to 4 decks then to 6 and finally 8, as well make changes to the hitting, standing doubling rules.

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