The list was compiled from the thousands of casino reviews that players have posted on the book’s companion website.

5 – Too Smoky – Casinos need better ventilation to help players avoid smelling like an ashtray after leaving the casino.

4 – Long lines – There’s nothing worse than standing in a long, slow-moving line at the players’ club or the buffet. 

3 – Lack of slot attendants – Now that payoffs are made by tickets instead of coins, there are less attendants roaming the aisles. If there’s a machine malfunction, the wait for an attendant can be extremely long.

2 – Poor Direct-Mail Offers – If a casino wants a player to fly in, or drive hours to get to them, do they really think $5 in free play is going to do it?

1 – Tight Machines – Players know slot machines are going to best them in the long run, but they want to at least have some fun for a while, rather than being drained quickly. 

Fortunately, some of these problems can be alleviated with a little savvy by players. Many casinos have no-smoking areas, or no-smoking tables to accommodate both players and dealers bothered by cigarettes and cigars.

Buffet-goers often can avoid long lines by timing their dining for off-hours. The problem of waits for slot attendants have largely been offset by use of bar-coded tickets which means they never have to wait for the machines to be filled with coins or for a jam-up to be cleared.

The state of direct mail offers and game paybacks are on the casinos, though players can benefit by knowing more about the games. The American Casino Guide can help there, too, with articles by experts on how to play the games.



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