AP Heat: How to Win at Blackjack With 10 Legal Methods


AP Heat: How to Win at Blackjack With 10 Legal Methods

By Eliot Jacobson Ph.D.

In this article I am going to summarize ten legal methods to beat blackjack. Before I do, I want to remind the reader of some methods that definitely do not work. These include progression systems, timing/discipline, looking for hot tables & dealers, lucky charms and many others. Pseudo-science and mythology are prevalent in many casino games, but blackjack has a mystique that somehow brings out the idiot-potential in the most educated of players. When the guy sitting next to you brags about his degree in statistics or engineering, don't be shocked if he also complains when you hit your 12 against a dealer 3.

Following are ten scientifically valid and legal methods to beat blackjack...

To finish reading this article, please visit: https://www.888casino.com/blog/how-to-win-at-blackjack-with-ten-legal-methods/


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