For those gamblers who went inside anyway and were lucky enough to win? They had the casinos seize their winnings! Casinos can also be fined each time it happens.

“The Division of Gaming Enforcement continues to enforce compliance with the regulations to prevent individuals from gambling if they appear on the self-exclusion list,” said the division’s acting director David Rebuck. “Individuals who have placed themselves on the list have signed an agreement that all winnings are subject to forfeiture. By removing the incentive to gamble, the division supports the efforts of self-excluded persons to address their gambling problems.”

Joe Lupo, senior vice president of operations at the Borgata, said the casino fully supports the self-exclusion law and does its best to make sure people on the list are kept from gambling. But with the thousands of people that come and go each day, it can be extremely challenging to be sure that no one ever breaks the law.

The winnings seized from the gamblers will be split between programs to treat compulsive gamblers, and a state fund that helps pay for prescription drugs and transportation costs for senior citizens.


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