Comps include drinks and room stays, cash gifts, event tickets and promotional gaming credits — free money for a bet at a gaming table or slot-machine play that must be used at the issuing casino.

Players earn the comps by playing electronic gaming machines such as slots or video poker, plus table games such as: blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat.

In September, Resorts Casino Hotel spent the most on comps, reinvesting about 56% of their gambling revenues.

“Because Resorts was in bankruptcy mode for so long, its base got eroded. We found ourselves in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We’re having to spend more than someone who would just have to maintain their base,” said Resorts chief Dennis Gomes. “It costs a heck of a lot more money to unseat loyalty. Trying to get customers back from someone who’s already taken them away from you is very costly.”

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