austrian man's $57 million jackpot taken away due to software errorA Swiss man was denied a jackpot at an Austrian casino after the casino claimed the slot jackpot was awarded due to a ‘software error.’

26-year-old Behar Merlaku was convinced he had won a  $57 million jackpot on a slot machine, but when he went to claim his prize casino officials told him the machine had suffered a software error and should not have awarded  him the jackpot.

“There was music and the sum I had won, nearly 43 million euros, was displayed on the screen,” Merlaku said.

“I was so overjoyed, and in my head I began calculating what I could do with this money.”

Casino officials told him that even though the alarms went off, the slot machine only showed four of the matching five symbols on the screen.

The casino owners offered Merlaku a free meal and $100 for the confusion. Merlaku, however, noting not only the jackpot alarms but the accompanying flashing screen, demanded his winnings. They refused, and Merlaku has decided to take them to court.

The first hearing in the case is schedule for January 10, 2012.

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