As announced back in July, independent laboratories will soon be allowed to verify and run test on slot machines and new games. Currently, Nevada is the only state in the U.S restricting manufacturers and developers to its own testing lab. Under the current legislation, every new slot machine or casino game must be tested and approved by the Gaming Control Board’s technology lab before they can be installed and offered at any Nevada casino. Other states and countries outsource gambling testing to labs and experts recognized and approved by their own gaming regulators.

Under the new regime schedule in 2012, manufacturers would be able to use independent labs as long as they meet the existing standards issued by Nevada Gaming Authorities. In addition, independent labs must also meet a series of testing requirements before Nevada officials approve any test results. The bill signed by Gov. Brian Sandoval and tagged as Assembly Bill 279, also allows the state Gaming Control Board’s testing lab to oversee the work and verify the tests done by private laboratories.

For gaming industry representatives, allowing independent testing labs to certify games would bring benefits to users and casinos, including the implementation of new technology, and a higher volume of games at Nevada gaming facilities. Experts said the change will also give developers the chance to look for more flexible budgets and testing schedules, which may result in considerable savings for slots and game developers.

The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, a group representing over 100 gaming developers and manufacturers around the world, supports the new measure and says most labs used by other gambling states have implemented standards similar to Nevada’s “industry gold standard”, which eases the process and saves time and money by not having to retest a product certified by an independent lab.  Thomas Jingoli, president of the Association of Gaming Manufacturers, said the new changes in the certification procedures are “not a reflection of the job” the state testing lab management or staff is doing, and added that private testing will manufactures to “keep up with the demands of a growing industry.

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