The unfortunate scooter incident goes back a few months when a disabled casino customer sent a formal complaint to Foxwoods Casino asking for an apology for being mistreated and humiliated by casino security personnel. 

According to several news sources, the handicapped gambler and his wife visited Foxwoods on May 31st and rented a scooter due to mobility problems. In the complaint, the couple said they were latter approached by a security officer who asked the handicapped man if he remembered been at the MGM that morning. After the man confirmed he had, the casino security personnel escorted the couple back to the MGM hotel where they were allegedly intimidated and mistreated by a security supervisor.

The couple claim they were asked to hand over a credit card and charged $800 for the alleged damages. In addition, the couple says they also found an extra $43.99 credit card fee plus a further $33.75 cash advance charge.

But a few weeks after the complaint was made public, different versions of what exactly happened began surging online. In a new description of the facts, an eyewitnesses claimed, at some point the handicapped man went on a rampage, using the scooter as a battering ram at the MGM hotel and “playing bumper cars with people and walls.”  In the complaint, the couple explain that the man was simply trying to “maneuver in a tight area” when he accidentally damaged casino property, and blame the entire incident on Foxwoods.

While there’s no official statements from Foxwoods Casino Resort, the casino says it has the right to exercise a policy by which scooter users take responsibility for any damages caused inside the facility. Although, the handicapped player and his wife say such policy does not entitle the casino personnel to intimidate or mistreat their customers.

As of yet there has been no issue of an apology from Foxwoods Resort & Casino.

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