Edward Thorp - The Man Who Beat The Casino

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Edward Thorp - The Man Who Beat The Casino


Next time you find yourself at a blackjack table, adding and subtracting ones as you count your way through a shoe of cards, and, hopefully make a bit of money in the process, take a moment between hands to thank Edward O. Thorp. He is the university math professor turned stock-market genius who invented card counting, wrote a bestselling book called “Beat The Dealer” and can be considered the father of modern advantage play.

Four years before the 1962 publication of Thorp’s book, he was contemplating ways of beating roulette and had already created the world’s first basic-strategy card – those pocket-sized laminated rectangles that tell players each correct play to make in blackjack. As related in his new book, “A Man For All Markets,” in 1958 Thorp and his wife decided to spend their Christmas holiday in Las Vegas, playing a bit of blackjack.

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