Gambling With James Grosjean


By Michael Kaplan

It’s one thing to play blackjack at an advantage. It’s quite another to indulge in the game when sitting alongside James Grosjean.

A Harvard graduate with a specialty in applied math, adeptness at computer programming and the kind of astute mind that makes him into every casino’s worst nightmare, Grosjean ranks among the world’s most successful gamblers and a living blackjack legend. He always plays with a considerable advantage, laughs at card counters who are thrilled by garnering measly two-percent edges: “They are the equivalent of salamanders and I am a fully formed human”, he once told me, getting evolutionary and a little cocky – and thrills at the act of reverse engineering seemingly unbeatable casino offerings. Employing proprietary software, he writes computer programs that play the games and aid him in figuring out how to beat them. Ultimately, Grosjean crushes gambling dens in ways that few others imagine to be possible.

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