“The Golden Nugget has been one of the premier gaming institutions for over 65 years. There is nothing more important than the integrity of our brand and our gaming operations. Without question, the mini-baccarat game that took place on April 30, 2012 allowed $10 betters to realize a gambler’s dream and enabled them to beat the house out of $1.5 million dollars,” said Fertitta.

“While we believe the mini-baccarat game should have been declared void, Judge Isman saw differently. Even though we can appeal the Court’s ruling and take full advantage of the appellate process and legal system and tie the matter up in litigation for a number of years, the Golden Nugget is a people business and is prepared to allow gamblers, most of whom continue to gamble at Golden Nugget, to realize the gamblers dream of beating the house. Accordingly, the Golden Nugget has sent a letter to all players involved in the mini-baccarat game that it will redeem all chips from all players at full face value. As is customary in litigation, all parties will sign a mutual release of all claims. The Golden Nugget is not interested in protracted litigation with its customers and desires to return to the gaming business.”

The gamblers were also allowed to keep over $500,000 that the casino had already paid them from the same disputed game.

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