Christopher Eades of Great Britain was a guest at the resort on August 24, 2012 when he was caught in the escalator he was standing near and was dragged, resulting in a fracture in his left leg and knee among other injuries. He was eventually rescued by bystanders.

According to Eades’ attorney, Revel was negligent in its ownership, operation, management, maintenance, supervision, repair, design, makeup and configuration of its escalator.

“Revel resort features a huge atrium called the Ellipse which features a soaring double escalator intended to dramatically, as if in mid-air, whisk the clientele from the lobby floor to a mezzanine platform,” said Eades’ attorney, John Nicholas Iannuzzi. “These soaring escalators were intended as a fantasy aerial lift, which seemed to defy the laws of physics but have turned out, in reality, to have failed its ambitious purpose, becoming instead, a dangerous mechanism for physical injury.”

According to Atlantic City’s construction official, Revel’s escalators comply with all state building codes and are up to date on all inspections.

This was the second incident in which someone has been injured by one of the casino’s escalators.

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