The casino made the outdoor smoking area by clearing out a patio by the property’s dog track and adding ceiling fans, a flat screen TV and a canopy that can roll down in case of bad weather. Due to the state clean air act, the canopy will not be allowed to be rolled down completely.

Mardi Gras added the smoking area as a way to help compete with the state’s Seminole casinos, which are exempt from the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act due to being on sovereign land.

“We all know there are a lot of gamblers who love to smoke, and we all know the Seminoles allow smoking,” said Mardi Gras marketing director Michael Bloom. “We are giving the customers who might not prefer to play at the Seminole casinos for whatever reason a good reason to play here.”

The Isle Casino and Racing in Pompano Beach is currently experimenting with the idea of an outdoor smoking area and has put four slots on a patio to see how customers respond.

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