By Jerry Stitch

If you are like most video poker players, you do not expect a lot when you are dealt nothing but a low pair for your initial hand. It seems like these hands never turn into winners. But, is that really the case? If a low pair is such a bad initial hand. If they are, why do they end up so high on playing strategy charts?

Let us take a look at what you can really expect when you are dealt a low pair and how to play video poker with that kind of hand. A full pay (9 for 1 for a full house, 6 for 1 for a flush) Jacks or Better game is used for the example, but other games have similar results. In order to be accurate with the results, we need to make sure the hands being considered have only a low pair. The information shown below is based on a hand with a low pair only and no possibility of a straight or flush.

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