Nevada Governor Signs New Gaming Bills into Law

The Assembly Bill 294 allows the use of mobile gaming devices in hotel rooms or other areas inside the Nevada asinos. Project supporters provided a series of data supporting the implementation of this new technology, including surveys showing guests want mobile gambling in their rooms, as well as other evidence assuring the prevention of underage gambling.
The second bill (Assembly Bill 258) gives the Nevada Gaming Commission the right to license and regulate casinos and poker rooms that wish to offer their online services to residents of the state. The measure specifies that online gaming won't be permitted unless it gets the approval of  the federal government.
With this bill, Nevada would become the first state to offer online poker services as soon as it gets the green light from the federal government. The bill was approved by the State Senate on May 30th by a 19-2 voting margin. The previous version of the bill, dated March 10, 2011, excluded the existing online poker sites from the list of suitable candidates. However, the provision was deleted, allowing the state gaming legislators to grant licenses to offshore poker companies approved by federal gaming authorities. The bill also gives the Nevada Gaming Commission until January to create the legal framework and adopt the needed regulations to implement new Internet gambling services and activities within the state.

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Brian SandovalLast week, Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval, signed two bills that will bring new gaming services and products to Nevada casinos. Among the bills approved by Sandoval on Friday were two projects (Assembly Bill 294 &  Assembly Bill 258) that will allow wireless gambling in hotel rooms and legalize online poker activities within the state if the federal government passes a law to regulate and tax the online industry.