Nun That Gambled Away More Than $1 Million Avoids Jail Time

Thornton would often spend thousands of dollars at a time on slot machines in Atlantic City and would sometimes lose up to $5,000 in one visit.
A court heard that she submitted foraged invoices to cover her theft and had arranged for the college to pay her credit card bills which were racked up by gambling debts.
She was spared jail after pleading guilty to one charge of embezzlement.
At her sentencing in Manhattan federal court, Thornton apologized for her crime and for the embarrassment she caused her family, friends and religious order.
'Somehow the words 'I'm sorry' fall short,' Thornton said. 'They don't convey the gut-wrenching sorrow I feel all day, every day.'

slots addicted nun avoids jail time after stealign $1 millionA gambling addicted nun who stole more than $1 million cash to spend on slot machines has escaped being jailed after a court hearing.
65-year-old Sister Marie Thornton stole the money from a Catholic college at which she worked as a financial officer.