There are arguments on both sides about whether or not table games should be added at Rhode Island casinos. While arguments against adding the games are the same as they have been, those in favor of table games are now focusing on the fact that Massachusetts now has three casino licenses up for grabs.

An organization called Bring Jobs to RI, which has received $2 million from Twin River, has been running ads throughout the state that focus on saving the jobs that already exist as Rhode Island casinos as well as creating new ones.

Those who are opposed to the addition of table games, such as Rev. Eugene McKenna, who represents the group Citizens Concerned About Casino Gambling, say the state should find different ways to go about creating jobs.

“We know clearly that Rhode Island needs jobs. There’s no question about that. But we’d like to see the jobs in something more constructive than just table games,” said McKenna.

The questions on table games will also have to be approved in each community.

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