Richard Munchkin Story: The Master of Advantage Play











Richard Munchkin Story: The Master of Advantage Play
By Michael Kaplan

As his name would imply, Richard Munchkin started small. As his high-flying status among professional gamblers confirms, however, he did not remain that way. In fact, he ranks among the most astute, most successful advantage players in the business.

Years ago, I had a chat with Stanford Wong, an icon of advantage playing who turned to book publishing after he got too hot to make a serious go of it in the casinos. I was unschooled on the ins and outs of the high-stakes world and felt compelled to get a handle on Munchkin. I asked Wong what he thought Munchkin’s strong suit was. “Richard Munchkin’s strong suit is anything he wants it to be,” Wong told me. “Munchkin can do whatever he wants and be successful at it.”

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