Last Wednesday, Seminole Gaming CEO Jim Allen made a point to note that these competitors are not Florida-based and, unlike these competitors, the Seminole’s profits are generally spent in their native state of Florida.

“Those dollars now get spent at the local grocery store, the local car dealership, the local Home Depot,” said Allen. These comments came after a press conference in which the Seminole tribe discussed the progress of their $150 million expansion of the Seminoles’ Coconut Creek Casino in Broward County.

Allen said the tribe would be willing to pursue upgrading some of its casinos to a destination-resort model granted the state agrees to extend its current tribal compact. This compact gives the tribe exclusive rights to certain games in exchange for annual payments to the state.

“We’re hopeful that the state will have those conversations with the tribe,” said Allen , “prior to somebody from not just out of the state, but out of the country.”

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