Some Groups Airing TV Ads Opposing New Maryland Casino

A group backed by National Harbor will soon begin airing its own commercials in favor of the amendment. According to Howard Libit, a spokesman for the National Harbor-backed For Maryland Jobs and Schools campaign, Penn National is running the ads simply to protect its own interests.
“This is a West Virginia-funded effort to deceive Marylanders and deprive them of the thousands of jobs and millions for our schools that a new world-class resort casino would bring to the state," said Libit. "It comes from the same group that has been sued in Maryland and Ohio for making false claims. Maryland voters should expect that they will say and do anything over the next 68 days to protect their casino in West Virginia.”
Penn National has been fighting against what they feel is an unfair deal between the state and National Harbor, who has entered a bid for the potential Prince George's County casino for sometime.

A group backed by the owner of Hollywood Casino in Perryville and Charles Town Races and Slots in West Virginia has begun running TV ads in Maryland to convince voters not to approve more gambling expansion in the state.
The group, Get The Facts Vote No On 7, is backed by Penn National Gaming and claims that allowing a new casino in Prince George's County and permitting table games will not create money for education as the state legislature claims.