From June 13th  through June 17th, South Point Hotel & Casino will offer $1 Budweiser drafts at all casino bars to celebrate the arrival of the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales. 

On June 14th, guests and media attendees are invited to take part in a special “Grooming Day”, and Flag Day celebrations offering free cake and champagne from noon until 10 pm in the Grandview Lounge.  The South Point Casino party will feature live music, double points on video poker, five times points on reel slots and free US Flag lapel pins for all guests.

Also on June 14th, Polo America will hold a media preview day from 5:00am until 6:00pm.  For the first time ever, the game of Polo comes to Las Vegas with Polo America Expo 2011.  Members of the media will be able to interact with polo players and ponies and watch demonstrations of the game.

Clydesdales will return to the South Point Arena on June 17th for a party offering free Budweiser, photo opportunities and riding demonstrations.  The party, which takes place from 7:00 – 9:00pm, features live music, BBQ food and is open to the public.  The party will also welcome members of the  Ultimate Jousting Championship, including celebrity members of this full-contact, heavy-armored jousting event. The competition features former soldiers, bull riders, MMA fighters and football players.  The event takes place on Saturday, June 18th with doors opening at 5:30pm.

“Whether you like free cake, free beer, horses or a full contact mauling, we have you covered.  There’s always something for everyone at South Point, and this time we mean everyone.  And yes, this week I guess you can have your cake and watch someone eat it too.” said South Point’s Director of Marketing Tom Mikovits.

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