The JUMBO Hold’em Bad Beat Progressive starts at $100,000 and is currently the largest Poker Progressive Jackpot in Las Vegas. $100,000 JUMBO Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot is triggered when a hand consisting of four 10’s or higher is beaten by a higher Four of a Kind or better. The Bad Beat Jackpot will be shared amongst all qualified Hold’em players at all Station Casinos. The winner and loser of the “Bad Beat” receive a players share (Losing hand receives $45,000, Winning hand receives $30,000) All other active Hold-em players at all Stations Properties split the remaining Jackpot evenly.

To increase the chances to hit the Jackpot, the minimum hand will be lowered every Tuesday according to the following schedule.

Week 1: Four – 9’s beaten
Week 2: Four – 8’s beaten
Week 3: Four – 7’s beaten
Week 4: Four – 6’s beaten
Week 5: Four – 5’s beaten
Week 6: Four – 4’s beaten
Week 7: Four – 3’s beaten

This will continue to reduce until the Jackpot is won (Jackpot currently standing at $113,053.00)  The Progressive will increase at the rate of not less than 5% of the total rake per day. In addition, Royal Flushes in qualified hands (must use 2 hole cards) will get an additional cash Bonus of $250. This money will be taken out of the Jackpot rake.


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