The Future of Edge Sorting


The Future of Edge Sorting

By Eliot Jacobson Ph.D.

There have now been three court decisions (and two appeals) in three distinct jurisdictions regarding the question of whether edge sorting at mini-baccarat is advantage play. In every case the decision came down on the side of the casino without a determination of criminal cheating. As Phil Ivey's expert in the Crockford's case, I obviously fall into the "edge sorting is advantage play" camp. However, after these decisions, it's a matter of making sense of the verdicts and working outward from there.

As a reminder, there are two versions of baccarat. In one, the players can touch the cards. In this case the cards are "one use." That is, the cards are thrown out after each shoe and fresh cards are brought in for the next shoe. It is obvious that no edge sorting can take place if the game is dealt in this fashion. This version is often referred to as "midi-baccarat" or "big baccarat" depending on the size of the table.

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