Advantages for both casinos and players include small transaction fees that are lower than other payment systems, as well as anonymous but traceable transactions, which make it easier for players to withdraw winnings. Nevertheless, dedicated forum threads continue to expand thanks to people exchanging arguments about the viability and security of the virtual currency.

The main concern is the volatility of the exchange rate with the US dollar. After the explosion of the Bitcoin value, the currency went from an obscure tech concept to a breaking story being discussed by the mass media. Still, several monetary organizations refuse to recognize it as an official currency and everybody expects Bitcoin to crash as fast as it has risen.

Indeed, the value of Bitcoin jumped from a couple of dollars to one ounce of gold. Newspapers and online tech magazines now post a story about Bitcoin every month and that may make some people regret not having invested in Bitcoin when it was worth near nothing. One recent news story detailed how one savvy Norwegian student bought an apartment with the earnings he had made from his initial $27 investment in Bitcoin.

In the best-case scenario, the value of Bitcoin will keep increasing, which means that selling it at the right moment can make someone quite rich. Or, maybe Vera&John will help fulfill that same dream by allowing gamblers to wager Bitcoins on their favorite slots to win big jackpots?

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