Why The Roulette 666 Strategy Doesn't Work?




Why The Roulette 666 Strategy Doesn't Work?

By Nicholas Colon

There are a lot of Roulette Strategies that will improve your game. But every now and again I come across a “new” strategy for casino games where someone claims that they can win excessive amounts of money in a short period of time, usually in just a few hours. The rumors spread across the internet gambling message boards with all sorts of nefarious statements. One such Strategy is the Roulette 666 Strategy.

The reason it is called the 666 strategy is because the numbers on a Roulette Wheel (1-36 and 0 & 00 for the American Wheel) add up to be 666 - some people see this as proof that gambling is inherently evil. The general is theme of the 666 strategy is to most of the numbers on the felt. Most people rightfully believe that this strategy cannot work.

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