Finding Your Comfort Zone For Betting in a Casino

By Bill Burton
Regular readers of my articles know that I always suggest that players keep a separate bankroll to use for gambling when they go to the casino if they go on a regular basis. I also know that the majority of people don’t do this and just take the money they have on had if they are heading to the casino for a day. Those planning a multi-day vacation, however, have to plan ahead to make sure their money will last for the entire trip.  One way you can do this is by not overbetting your bankroll by playing games at a higher limit than you can afford.
I’m sure you have all heard stories about the big wins (and losses) that your friends and co-workers have had at the casino. Everyone loves to tell stories about their casino adventures. When I hear some one talking about the “big score” they made at the casino my first thought is “How much were they betting?”
Unless they got very lucky and hit one of the rare slot jackpots, chances are they did not win thousands of dollars by betting at the $5 tables. This means that they were betting a sizeable amount to begin with. Players who do win the big amount usually need two things. They need a large amount of money to play with and they have to be comfortable playing at the higher limits. Not everyone is comfortable playing at higher limits even when they can financially afford it.
Determine Your Comfort Zone
The perfect betting limit is one that gets your adrenaline pumping a little but doesn’t make you sweat while waiting for the outcome. You need to make sure the limits you are playing are within this range. I call this your emotional bankroll or comfort zone. If you start thinking about what you could have bought with the money you are betting then you are playing out of your comfort zone.
Some players like to live on the edge. They will take chances even when they can’t afford them. They are thrill seekers and only get enjoyment when their bets are extremely high. To these types of players the money is only a way of keeping score. The real excitement is in the action.
Other players are more conservative. They enjoy the games, but are also concerned about the price of their entertainment. They want to play, but do not feel that they want to risk a large portion of their bankroll on any one outcome or playing session.
You will probably fall somewhere in the middle of these two types of players. The best way to determine your comfort zone is to try moving up in levels of play slowly. Five dollar table game players may want to try a $10 table and eventually a $25 dollar one. Nickel slot players may move to the quarter of fifty-cent machines and then on to the $1 slots. If you get to a point where the risk factor is bothering you, then go back down to the previous level.
Avoid Peer Pressure
There is no shame in playing any casino game at a lower limit either because you can’t afford it or it makes you feel uncomfortable. This is a very personal decision and you should not be influenced by others. Some players go to the casino with friends and then feel embarrassed if they don’t join them when they sit down to play at the higher limit tables.
Don’t be influenced by the other players. Only you can determine the amount of money you feel comfortable risking. Once you determine your comfort zone make sure you play within its limits.  It will make your casino playing experience an enjoyable one, and that is what you are looking for.
Until Next time remember:
Luck comes and goes.....Knowledge Stays Forever.

Bill Burton is the author of “1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets” and "Get the Edge at Low Limit Texas Hold'em" available online at www.billburton.com. He an instructor for Golden Touch Craps: www.thecrapsclub.com