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Hollywood Casino at Penn National
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big disappointment

After being to vegas and atlantic city this place is a joke. 99% of the slot machines, regardless of denomination are 30 line 10 credit per line machines. There aren't very many straight machines with a max credit of three. So even at a nickel machine, you think nickels ill be able to sit here for a bit and pull the reel. Well 30 nickels a line on 10 lines is 15 bucks a spin. All the machines are like that. Vegas and Atlantic city spinner machines spin the wheel on a spin coming up on any reel. But at hollywood, you need all three. Secondly, the payouts are terrible. I don't expect to win on slot machines. Mathematically speaking your supposed to lose your money. But I do expect to be able to sit there for more than 5 minutes when I drop 50 bucks into a quarter machine.............

Secondly there are no table games. The stupid computerized black jack and three card poker is no different than video poker. There is no real randomness. And i guarantee you the odds on live table blackjack are better than the stupid video blackjack. I stood and watched it for half hour. Couldnt tell you how many times i saw the "dealer" bang out a twenty on a single hit to beat a pair of player 19's. The customer service was terrible. The security guards and cleaning guys were the only ones doing thier jobs.

I sat at the same machine pumping money into it for over two hours. Not one time did I see a coctail waitress, not once. So I went upstairs to the sports bar to buy a drink. Rum and coke 5 bucks. Thats reasonable price compared to any bar I go to. But all i tasted was coke. It was as watered down as if a cocktail watress gave it to me for free sitting at a machine in vegas. So i got another one after tipping the tender 2 bucks. Same thing, tipped him another 2 bucks, ordered a third. I bought and drank three rum and cokes, tipped him enough for a fourth, and didnt even taste rum.

Only pleasant thing about this place is the horse racing. Its geniuenly enjoyable to watch them run, and fun to bet a little bit on them.

If you like horse racing then go and watch the horses. But if you want to gamble go anywhere but hollywood. If it takes you more than an hour to get there, you might as well drive the extra time to atlantic city.

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