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Hollywood Casino at Penn National
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Stop Crying you have a problem

What the heck is wrong with you people? You have a gambling addiction, or a sad misconception of what gambling is, you go to a casino and lose all your money and some how that surprises you? How do you think they build these enormous, beautiful places? By giving away all of their money? Why do you think most casinos pay out over 90%? Because that's how you keep people coming back, and the 10% they take from the people complaining of some kind of "odds altering conspiracy" is more than enough to stay in business and make huge profits.

Most people go through life and never win a lottery jackpot, is there some odds altering conspiracy because you spent your entire life playing every week and never won more than $20? Why do you think you deserve to walk out of a casino a winner every time you put down $500? You can spend $500,000 and if you don't sit at the right table or machine and the right time and just "get lucky", you may never win.

If you don't like losing money, don't go to a casino. They aren't built to make you rich, they're built to make the owners rich. (and by the way, thank you, I'm very rich)

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Written by D.L.Nelson
January 16, 2013
I have been to many casinos and never was in one as lousy as hollywood . Yes the house always wins in the end , but at hollywood they win from the start .
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