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Hollywood Casino at Penn National
(Updated: August 06, 2011)
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All the hogwash these people are saying about this casino is so untrue...I'm a truck driver and had a delivery in this area I completed. I was deciding if I should go to philly and check out parts or harass....glad I didn't..... I'm always at casinos and this one isn't much different than the top rated ones... The smoking complaints are nonsense. I don't smoke but the air is ventilated well so forget the previous clowns remarks. The food is pricey but duhhhh it's a Casino. The security and waitresses were friendly. Now a lot of casinos outside Las Vegas and AX don't offer free alcohol but do offer free soda and coffee.... The waitresses do make rounds but not as much because again this isn't VEGAS!. In all, the games are great.. Over 3 days I made $1,000 on the roulette computer game betting on black,red, and zero. Each time I lost I doubled my bet...of course it was luck but that's why you use strategy to win.... As far as the slots different than any other casino... A lot of you fail to realize that SLOTS are for losers. It's the bread and butter for the Casino's revenue. Yeah, someone wins a jackpot here and there, but most will lose their money just like any game..even tables....I will admit it sucks on the tables of mini baccaratt and blackjack with $500 maximum bets. I'm used to $5k-$100k max this leaves little chance for me to win since I like to double my bets on each loss..great way to keep you from getting your money back. In all, I like this it the love HardRock Casino in Hollywood, Fl where Anna Nicole Smith died which is between Miami and Ft Lauderdale..... I was surprised it had card games at the tables because most casinos outside Vegas have to be on a riverboat or native Indian land so I don't know what laws allowed them to do this but i will find out. Food is good , does get crowded.......just like most Good casino' to end this...don't pay attention the the negative hype the lakes are broadcasting......its a good experience and beautiful inside and out...... Just remember...THE HOUSE ALWAYS. WINS!!!!!!!

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