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Hollywood Casino at Penn National
(Updated: February 27, 2012)
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Recent $40k Commemorative Card & Free Slot Play

Okay I want to point out first that I do not gamble, but I very often accompany my elderly father when he chooses to visit the Pennsylvania Casinos . My dad visits the area casinos about 2-3 times each month and usually makes a sizable donation to the varied casino machines and rarely departs with more $ than when he began . So I always say "The House Always Wins" ! He takes every loss in stride but still even though he rarely wins, he still thoroughly enjoys his casino visits.

So the idea of this recent promo the Hollywood Casino ran this past Friday 2/24/2012 is that the first 5,000 registered casino gamers will receive a complimentary deck of cards made exclusively for Hollywood Casino and 1 in 4 decks will be a winner of up to $1,000 in free slotplay !!! Sounds like a great promo that did indeed draw a lot of gamblers as was its intentions. I Usually just grab a few drinks and casually walk around while my dad gets off for a few hours on the one arm bandits until, he wants to depart when either his wallet is lightened enough or when he feels the usual paltry winnings he's made are enough to satisfy his favorite hobby.

But this day was weird, assuming that winners were going to be random given decks with winning cards . I stood by the area where the decks of cards were being handed out while dad made his way around the enormous line that snaked around the entire casino floor in order to get his Free Commemorative deck of cards and hope for even a minor winning deck. It was at this time while watching the Hollywood Casino employees handing out the decks of cards that after a very short time I was able to accurately predict each and every casino gamer who walked away with a winning deck of cards. AMAZING !!! It was as if I was unknowingly transformed into Houdini , able to predict the future or that I suddenly had the ability to count cards knowing that I may get banned from casinos for life ...scary !! haha

Allow me to explain how I came to have this incredible talent . As I watched the gamers make their way to the tables where Hollywood Casino Employees were handing out the decks of cards, there was always a large stack of decks in front of each employee. And then at first what I thought to be their Deck supply boxes behind each of the employees there to replenish the decks in front of them. I found out very quickly how this Ripoff Promo played out. The employees would swipe each of the Registered Gamers Hollywood Casino I.D.'s and then hand them what everyone probably assumed would be a random deck of Commemorative Cards.
However it became obvious to anyone standing nearby including myself there was 2 other people near me who enjoyed seeing winners happiness and they also had the uncanny ability to choose all the winners. We actually at first made a few side bets together on which gamers walked away from the table winners.

Then it became crystal clear how this Scam promo went down.

Each employee would swipe a gamers I.D. then apparently look at the info the swipe would tell them on the computer and either hand them a deck in front of themselves as 95% of the gamers received OR they would occasionally turn around pick up a deck from the boxes placed behind each employee. If any of the gamers had stood by and watched this procession for even 5 minutes they would quickly notice that any gamer who received a deck from the boxes behind each employee was indeed a WINNER every time .

So much for the Random Promo Giveaway !!!

Next time we will be wary to the Hollywood Casino Promo's and be mindful that every promo may NOT be Random !!
Now the possible reason Hollywood Casino did this promo the way they did but why advertise some spectacular promotion making every gambler think they have a chance at winning and then deliver them this complete ripoff and predictable promotion.

Shame on You Hollywood Casino !!!! We will think twice where we intend to lose our money a few time each month, and to be honest we realized we actually like Mohegan Sun Casino , in N.E. Pennsylvania and Sands Casino in Bethlehem .

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Written by Danny
May 21, 2012
I am actually one of those people who got a different pack of those cards. It is not a scam, it is because I am a Producer at the casino. It is a different card level because of the amount of time and money I already spend there. The people who recieved the cards from the regular boxes are for the Celebrities and Club Hollywood members. It is nice that they do this for their loyal customers. I'm sure people walked in the door of the casino that day for the first time and signed up for a member card in the hopes that they would win something. The regular boxes have the same chance of winning, but the prizes might not be as high. If you didn't like what you saw, why didn't you ask someone instead of accusing them on the internet?
In reply to an earlier comment

Written by Joyce
February 20, 2013
That is nice that you are a producer but Hollywood should have told everyone that only the producers would win.It seems they let all others believe they would have the same chance. The reviewer said none of the non producers won.
Written by mike
February 25, 2015
at charlestown has shuttles
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