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Twin River Casino
Rhode Island
(Updated: March 30, 2012)
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Big disapointment

The river has not changed its course. Never have I experienced such a disgusting place, the bathrooms are epic in the amounts of filth and sadly the slots area is not much better, but it is darker if that makes you comfortable. Trying to find help to reload paper or fix some minor issue is excruciatingly long, on a main isle I waited 35 mins before help arrived, then they were rude, like it was my fault they had to break up their conversation and work. Like many i find the lack of cashiers and constant 'out of service' of the cash machines frustrating. It is hard to comment on the restaraunts and retail they go out of business so fast. Promotions are horrible, which I find to be the norm at most casinos, but here they are even worse perhaps if you cycle two to three thousand dollars thru the slots, next month you can buy yourself an ice cream cone, sorry if you want a sundae come back in a couple months. Having seen every contest run by this place I would advise you not to waste gas to attend, somehow they find a way to cheapen and degrade the experience that you knew was next to impossible to win, but should have some entertainment value, and they piss you off. This place is going to fold or become a gentleman's club as soon as MA opens up their casinos and that seems to be the rumored speculation why the payoff are so bad here. So if you go, go to listen to a band in a nice smokey old school way, play a slot for fun try to find a decent video poker machine, just kidding they don't have decent video poker. Most importantly, eat before you go and make sure to use the restrooms at a highway truck stop because you don't want to go here.

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