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Beau Rivage Resort & Casino
(Updated: March 14, 2012)
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Times are Changing!

Expecting the best of the best, until we realized, "Times are Changing!" Went to Beau Rivage, on the ninth of March, for my mother's birthday. In line at the buffet, the first person we meet, is Mariah. Dressed for, casino success, my mother reaches for her ID and Player's Club Card. I asked; It's my mother's 73rd birthday, does she get the birthday comp? I was told;" We don't do that here!" Wooo..
You think you could have phrased that just a wee bit better! (Beau Rivage, will mail special comps, on the promo comp card. I forgot ours at home.) Mariah had no clue! Nothing like having ownership with employees. They can down your day, with sharp clip tones, as this one did. Moving along. The food table host, was nice. Our server was very nice, Asian lady. Unable to catch her name. Outstanding sweets offered with care, featuring many cakes, pastries, jello cones, brownies, cookies, breads. All taking place around noon.
As we entered the carving station, talk about cut down on food cost. Our food tech, served a piece of ham, no bigger than a silver dollar. Waiting for the next slice, she said; Thank You, next. Hum, Salad area had your basic set-up, cold & crisp lettuce. Nothing to jump out at. All items were cold including the famous pizza, I adore. Now this was offered, at the start of lunch. Looks like they took last night's food features and dressed them up just a little. Boiled shrimp was way undercooked, I guess better than overcooked. The place was extra clean, food server along with busser, first class. Sorry, the opening act was so sour. We will return! Stopping at the beautiful ladies room, talking about our experience. This lady engaged in conversation, claiming last night's buffet was terrible, you should have seen that mess. Not sure she will return. Come on Beau, Chop Chop, you can do it! You use to be the best on the coast for lunch @$14.99.~~Cherie Munster, Covington, Louisiana

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Written by Frank
February 15, 2015
I have to agree with you on almost all of your observations. My wife and I normally frequent the BR at least 3 visits a year, normally for one of our birthdays. We were surprised when we ventured out ( finally ) , because we normally stuck with the BR , and visited the other casinos in the area. When we arrived at the other locations we were very warmly greeted, and once the staff heard it was a birthday visit they went out of the way to make sure we BOTH received complimentary shirts and meals. This was not offered at the BR. We do not play the tables but love the slots. We would play into the early morning hours only to retire to our suite for a quick nap, and return to the floor. Our last visit, we spent more time at other casinos, and in our suite than on the gaming floor. Needless to say we ended up with more winning at the other casinos as well. We do plan to return to the area, because we love it on the coast, but thinking of different arrangements for our stay.
1 results - showing 1 - 1  
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