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Beau Rivage Resort & Casino
(Updated: February 16, 2013)
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No More BR

We used to think that the Beau was the best deal anywhere.

We have been to the Beau more than 30 times and all for free from St Pete, FL. A one hour flight, bus service to the hotel where our room key was waiting, it was so easy. We went every month and would get $150.00 in free play, free meals, it was all good. We even used to win on the slots and were experts at finding good machines to keep us playing for 3 days and many, many times went home with more money that we started with.

But last year it all stopped cold! The slots just stopped paying and then we starting spending, $800.00, $1,200.00, $2,000.00 per visits, all with the hope of getting some of it back! Really! We were out of cash after the first day and then had to use the ATM just to keep playing for the rest of our stay.

In the past both my wife and I had won jackpots and many times won over a $1,000.00 but no more! We just could not find any machine to just play for a while without inserting cash. No fun at all. Forget about winning! You are trapped for three day! And we love to play the slots.

Then starting in December 2012 they stopped offering smoking rooms, so December was our last visit. We both smoke and enjoyed doing so in our room! It was great while it lasted and in the end we paid for every free trip we got and all of the food and most likely some new carpeting on a few floors, so we have repaid them for everything!

When it's not fun any longer and we are not welcomed because we smoke, it's time to find another place to donate our money to.

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Written by Mark
July 06, 2015
It's called gambling. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, even for many sessions in a row. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Jesus.
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