Legal Online Betting in Three New States

Online gambling is underway to become fully legal in Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota. Residents of these three states voted in November to legalize sports betting. Will online casinos be next?

The Next 3 States

Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota residents have voted to legalise sports betting in their states. That means that sports betting is now legal in 25 of the fifty states in the U.S., (plus Washington D.C.)

A vote on whether to approve sports betting in Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota appeared on the most recent presidential ballots.

Apparently, legal online betting is a bipartisan issue. Maryland strongly supported Biden for president, while South Dakota and Louisiana voted for Trump.

It’s difficult to trace the causality precisely. But the fact is that most Americans have spent much more time at home and much less at sports arenas and casinos. And it seems this fact has warmed up voters to the idea of online gambling.

In Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan came out prominently as supportive of online betting. This seems to have been the final push of support for online betting in Maryland.

What does this mean for Online Casino Legalization?

For some reason, voters have an easier time voting for online sport betting than for online casinos. And while it would make sense that online sports legalization should be a gateway for the same for online casinos, things don’t always happen that way.

The first two states to legalize online casinos - New Jersey and Delaware - both legalized them alongside online sport betting and poker. The same happened more recently in Michigan and West Virginia.

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However, in Pennsylvania, sports betting was first legalized, then online casinos and poker were included as part of an expansive gaming package.

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Of course, the hope is that the same will happen in other states. Once states have the infrastructure in place, adding online casinos to the legislature is rather uncomplicated.

And since the online games themselves have now been tested in a few states, the game providers have proven themselves as trustworthy.

What's next?

For now, these advances for online gambling in Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota remain tied to sports betting. But there is the opportunity to follow Pennsylvania’s example and expand into online casinos and poker.

As states like New Jersey are proving that online casinos can support -not compete with - their land-based partners, there is good reason for other states to widen their offerings to online casinos and poker as well.