Atomic Meltdown
Maximum profit

Atomic Meltdown

Provider: Everi

The Atomic Meltdown slot has a lot to offer. We discovered a reasonable RTP, high volatility, and a range of other features during our review.

Atomic Meltdown Review

  • Win up to 1,400x your original stake
  • Classical slot design at its finest
  • Respins, multipliers, and wilds aplenty

Since its release in January of 2020, Atomic Meltdown has been melting hearts and filling wallets.

Join us for our Atomic Meltdown review and find out precisely what it is that attracts the masses to this classic-style game.

We’ll investigate the RTP, volatility, bonuses, and where to play Atomic Meltdown.

  • Wild Symbols
  • Multipliers
  • Re-spins
Minimum Bet$1.25
Maximum Bet $125
Top Win1400x

Atomic Meltdown Symbols and Payouts

This three-reel, five-payline, slot reads wins from left to right in the classic style.

Thanks to the layout of the game, you can appreciate many of the standard slot features.


Atomic Meltdown Symbols

There are several types of symbols in this game, and a few of them hold up the atomic theme quite well.

For the most part, however, the symbols lean towards the timeless originals.

The lowest and highest value symbols happen to be the same. If you have a mix of one or two different wilds is worth either one credit or two.

However, if you match three similar wilds, you’ll earn the maximum.

This game features a lot of different colors of seven and a myriad of bar symbols.


Both the wild and bar symbols have a small value when in a mix. The values ascend through the various bars and seven symbols, then max out with the wilds in the right combination.

Atomic Meltdown Min/Max Bets

When you’re looking for a game that offers opportunities to players of all bankroll sizes, Atomic Meltdown is a good bet.

You can wager as little as $0.25 if you only bet on one payline. If you want to increase, one payline maxes out at $25.

Otherwise, when betting on all paylines, you can start with a minimum wager of $1.25and move up to a maximum wager of $125. 

Atomic Meltdown RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

The Atomic Meltdown RTP is reasonable, at 96%. It may not be the highest you’ve ever seen, but it’s around the general benchmark.

This game is considered a medium-high volatility slot and offers wins frequently.

During our tests, we won at least one spin out of six.

Atomic Meltdown Maximum Win

While this slot doesn’t offer a jackpot as such, the maximum win is nothing if not tempting.

You could win up to 1,400 times your original stake.

Considering that the highest possible bet is $125, that’s a potential victory of $175,000.

How do you find this gold at the end of the rainbow? To win the prize, you must collect three multipliers on the reels.

Atomic Meltdown Features

You can find an entire host of beautiful features in this slot. From the random re-spins to the incredible wilds, there’s much to enjoy here.

Atomic Meltdown Online Slot

Wilds, Respins, and Other Base Game Features

The wild symbols in this game are simple creations. Each of them acts as a multiplier and shows the multiplier size with the words ‘Atomic Meltdown.’


The wilds serve their usual function, taking the place of any symbol except other wilds. However, the wilds also multiply and are the highest valued symbol when you get three of the same wild.


Atomic Meltdown features random re-spins, which get activated after particular winning combinations.

When you’re lucky, you can access up to nine different respins in a row.


The multipliers and the wilds in this game are the same. Each multiplier wild acts as a multiplier when used in combination with other symbols.

You can check the multiplier size by reading the number on it.

Atomic Meltdown Free Spins

Unfortunately, this slot doesn’t offer any free spins. However, you could unlock up to 9 respin bonuses at any time.

Bonus Game

As you might expect from a classic slot, Atomic Meltdown doesn’t host any bonus rounds. The closest thing to a bonus that the game offers is a respin feature.

Graphics And Sound

The sounds and jingles of this slot are conventional with some nostalgia thrown in for good measure.

Atomic Meltdown Graphics

Except for some nuclear lab alarm sounds when you’re on a winning streak, most of what you hear is typical casino effects. It’s not a bad thing, though, as it suits the game design perfectly.

Where graphics are concerned, Everi has taken classic slot graphics and brought them to new heights. The entire appearance of the screen blends into the nuclear theme with great enthusiasm. 

From the metal chains and bubbling liquids on the side of the screen to the nuclear reactor reels, all is humming with atomic energy.

The spin motions themselves are fluid and don’t detract from the game. Altogether, the graphics and sounds fit the slot ideally. 

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Everi has created a whole series of other slot games, and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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Atomic Meltdown Review – Conclusion

The Atomic Meltdown slot has a lot to offer. We discovered a reasonable RTP, high volatility, and a range of other features during our review.

The graphics are brilliant, the sounds suit the game, and there’s a sizeable potential win. However, it comes down to personal taste. 

Do you enjoy slots in the classic style? If so, you might love this one, with its excellent gameplay and fantastic features.