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There Are Now Two Different Versions Of
The 2019 American Casino Guide!

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128 Pages Includes All Coupons, But No Casino Articles

2019 American Casino Guide Includes over 150 Las Vegas deals For 2019 we are introducing a smaller edition of the American Casino Guide featuring only the coupon section.

The new special 128-page, coupons only edition, of the 2019 American Casino Guide is designed to be used in conjunction with our FREE app for iPhones/iPads and Android phones/tablets.

The only difference is that all of the casino information, as well as the gambling stories, are not in the book. Instead, all of that information can now be easily accessed through our app.

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2019 American Casino Guide App Edition Price: $9.95 

Find "casinos near me" with the American Casino Guide Android app To get the FREE app for Android devices from the Google play store click here or go to the Google play store and search “American Casino Guide.”


Find "casinos near me" with the American Casino Guide iPhone app To get the FREE app for iPhone from the App Store click here or go to the App store and search “American Casino Guide.”

Regular  2019 AMERICAN CASINO GUIDE –  Edition – 480 Pages!
Get Over 180 Casino Coupons Plus Details On All US Casinos

2018 American Casino Guide Includes over 150 Las Vegas deals The American Casino Guide has been published annually since 1992 and is the most comprehensive book available for information on all U.S. casinos including all casino/resorts, riverboats and Indian casinos. Plus, it includes over 180 coupons for casino across the country including 165 Las Vegas coupons!

You will get over $1,000 in Vegas coupons with the American Casino Guide. Including more than 150 exclusive Las Vegas deals that offer great savings: 2-for-1 Vegas buffets, 2-for-1 Vegas shows, great gambling bonuses (loads of FREE Slot play!), 2-for-1 Vegas food coupons, plus more. Click to see a list of all 2019 American Casino Guide coupons

The American Casino Guide book has been the #1 best-selling book on casino gambling and travel for more than 25 years! The 2019 edition contains 480 pages of useful information on all U.S. casinos, plus informative articles on how to gamble and how to save money when visiting any casino!

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480 pages
2019 American Casino Guide Reg $18.95
Our Price: $13.99

Money Back Guarantee! – The American Casino Guide comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy, for any reason, simply return the book within 30 days of receipt and your purchase price will be refunded (excluding shipping charges). Note: ALL coupons must be intact to receive a refund.

Canadian and Foreign Orders – If you are traveling to a U.S. casino/hotel you can avoid the foreign shipping charges by having the book(s) sent to you in care of your hotel. If you want this option, it would be best to let us know the date of your arrival and we can add that to the shipping label. Just put that information in the box titled Please let us know if you have any special requests.” Please note that we will email you a USPS Tracking Number to provide proof of delivery to your hotel. If the hotel can’t find your package when you arrive, we will not assume any responsibility for a refund.


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  • Quinton M.

    I go to Vegas once a year and my faithful money- saving tool is the American Casino Guide. I was glad to hear that a smaller sized edition is now available and I actually bought both, one as a gift for a friend who is going on a different date and a small edition for myself. I thought it was great and the app is really cool. I give it 5 stars!

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