This is an advantage for both the casino and gamblers, as the slot themes and minimum bets can be changed based on what machines people want to play at certain times (i.e. low-limit games for seniors during the day, etc.).

“This is nice technology,” said Revel’s vice president of slot operations George Mancuso. “It is not going to be a game changer just yet. I think it’s going to evolve. I think we’ll take our time with it and see how the customers react.”

The machines will have a library of about 300 games for casino programmers to chose from. Additionally, the Division of Gaming Enforcement requires that they be notified, at least 24 hours in advance, if a casino wants to lower the payback percentages on any machines. However, if the casino wants to raise  the payback percentages on machines, no prior notice is required.

Revel will begin with 100 of the server-based machines out of a total 2,400 slots.


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