Cash or Crash

Aim for the skies with this live game show!

Cash or Crash is a live game show developed by Evolution. The game twists the basic concept of crash games by relying on a tombola to draw various colored balls. Some balls allow you to progress up the ladder, while others will instantly end your game. You may win up to 50,000x your bet if you reach the top. Learn more with our Cash or Crash review.

What You’ll Learn With This Cash Or Crash Review

We aim to provide American players with honest and unbiased reviews about online casino games. As such, we developed a rigorous method that evaluated several parameters. Here’s what we tested on Cash or Crash:

  • Betting options – We checked what bets are available to players.
  • Maximum win – We looked into the game’s highest win and how to achieve it.
  • RTP – We compared the game’s RTP to other popular titles.
  • Autoplay – We verified if the game features an autoplay tool.
  • Bonus features  – We tested how the game’s bonus features work.
  • Graphics and sound – We analyzed the game’s graphical quality and soundtrack.
Cash or Crash
Cash or Crash

Cash Or Crash Basic Details

As with all crash games, Cash or Crash has simple game mechanics. However, it offers potentially massive prizes of up to 50,000x your stake. The game has an RTP rate of 99.59%, and the bets range from $0.10 to $1,000. See the table for more details.

Minimum Bet$0.10
Maximum Bet$1,000
Maximum Win50,000x
Free Play👎
FeaturesHistory, Take Half, Golden Ball

Minimum/maximum bet and highest win

The minimum stake in Cash or Crash is $0.10, while the highest is $1,000. This makes it an excellent game for beginners and high-rollers alike.

The game’s maximum prize is 50,000x. You’ll need to reach the 20th level without drawing a golden ball to achieve it. Otherwise, the prize is limited to 18,000x the player’s stake.


According to Evolution, using the optimal Cash or Crash strategy results in a theoretical RTP rate of 99.59%. It requires drawing balls until the 9th level and then stopping. If a golden ball is obtained, players should continue until the next red ball is drawn.

Autoplay option

Due to its live nature, Cash or Crash doesn’t have an autoplay option.

Cash or Crash game
One of Evolution’s most popular game shows is available in the US
Cash or Crash has high RTP, but it’s highly volatile. High-RTP games are always a fan favorite. However, you should remember that Cash or Crash is extremely volatile, so wins aren’t as common as with other casino games.

Game Features

Cash or Crash has three main features designed to improve the overall experience:

  • The drawing history. 

This is shown at the bottom right corner. It displayed the past round and the level achieved. The number inside the green circle shows what level the game ended on. A red circle means that the game ended instantly, as the first ball drawn was red. Golden shields mean that a golden ball was drawn during that round.

  • The “Take Half” button. 

This allows players to withdraw half their stake while remaining in the game. It’s a good strategy if you’re looking to avoid playing too risky. If you take half at the first level, you’ll have to climb two steps to break even.

  • Lastly, the golden ball 

The game’s most important feature. Drawing a golden ball protects you from the next red ball drawn, preventing the game from ending. However, there’s only one golden ball in the tombola per round. Games where a golden ball is drawn also have lower payouts.

Graphics & Sound Of Cash Or Crash

Cash or Crash takes place inside a glass-domed blimp. Players can rise above the city with each new level achieved. The blimp crashes back to the ground if a red ball is drawn. The game has a jazzy soundtrack that reminds us of other Evolution live game shows.

Optimized for Mobile👍
Special featuresHistory, Take Half, Golden Ball
Cash or Crash game show
Enjoy an immersive live game show experience in Cash or Crash
Enjoy the ultimate immersion with Cash or Crash. Evolution’s live games are unmatched. The result is an immersive experience presented by a professional and friendly host.

How To Play Cash Or Crash

As you’ll see, playing Cash or Crash is easy. The tombola in the middle of the screen starts with 28 balls – 19 green, eight red, and one golden. The goal is to draw green balls to increase the blimp’s height. The longer it goes on, the bigger the rewards. Here’s how to play it:

  1. Place your bets – Players have 20 seconds to wager before a new round begins.
  2. A ball is drawn – The first ball can be green, red, or golden. If it’s green, the game progresses.
  3. Make a decision – Players should decide if they want to continue, take half, or take all. 
  4. The round ends – A round ends if the player selects the “Take All” option, draws a red ball, or reaches the last level.

Solutions To Common Issues

Even though Cash or Crash is one of the most technologically-advanced games in the business, issues can happen. Consider the following solutions:

  1. The game stopped working – Try refreshing the browser window.
  2. I can’t restart the game – Close and reopen your browser before attempting to play again.

Malfunction voids all wins and losses, returning bets to players.

Cash Out Before You Crash!

Evolution’s live game shows are always a pleasant surprise, and Cash or Crash didn’t disappoint. The game feels immersive and exciting, especially when you draw several green balls in a row. 

We also liked how the golden ball mechanic can give you an advantage, protecting you if a red ball is drawn. However, we know not everyone will enjoy the game’s extreme volatility. We rate this game 8.5/10.

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  • The Incredible Balloon Machine (Crazy Tooth Studio)

Frequently asked questions

The highest possible win is 50,000x your stake.
The golden ball protects players when the next red ball is drawn.
The game has a theoretical RTP of 99.59%.
The minimum bet in Cash or Crash is $0.10.
The maximum bet in Cash or Crash is $1,000.
It’s not common to find online casinos that offer exclusive bonuses for live game shows, but we wouldn’t rule it out. Check our recommended Cash or Crash casinos to see if they have anything on offer.