Understanding Your Legal Rights in Casinos

with Gambler's Attorney Bob Nersesian

Interviewing the legal rights of casinos players by the author and gambler's lawyer, Bob Nersesian. The subjects for discussion are: may players play games where they have an advantage? Interviewed by gambling specialist Steve Bourie

Interview with author and gambler’s attorney, Bob Nersesian, about the legal rights of players in casinos. Interviewed by gambling expert, Steve Bourie, the topics of discussion include: are players allowed to play games where they have an advantage?; is card counting allowed in blackjack?; is it legal to play a game where you see the dealer’s hole card?; can a player signal other players about how to play their hands?; what happens if there is a slot machine “malfunction”?; can you sue an Indian casino?; the problem with casino credit markers; plus, much more.