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Establishment E. V. Content and Source
Bill’s $2.40 5-10 any game, earn 5 comp dollars within 72 hours for a T-shirt, medallion at Caesars, beads at Rio, bowling game at Rio; given at slot club booth with sign-up
Binion's $9.10 10-20 any game, $20 buys $25 morplay or special gaming chips; $1,000,000 photo display, limit one (computer monitored)
Caesars: Forum Shops zero mostly discount coupons, bottle of water at Brighton [p. 15]; concierge desk in Forum Shops
Casino Royale $19.60
and zero
two different 8-coupon funsheets are distributed: better funsheet has $20 morplay & 7 other coupons for bonus pays on assorted slot machines, poorer funsheet has a coupon for a minimum of ten slot plays, 6 other coupons for bonus pays on assorted slot machines, & an advertising coupon; slot club booth, every 30 days
Circus Circus $4.40 5-10 craps field bet, 10-15 BJ, $1 side bet, (Slots-A-Fun) $1 lucky buck for BJ; Market Express
Fashion Show Mall zero (double book; see Venetian: Grand Canal Shoppes) mostly discount coupons, stress relieving treatment and hair care conciltation at Aveda [p. 9], bottle of water at Brighton [p. 17], sample at L'Occitane [p. 51]; concierge desk in mall, voucher required [see American Casino Guide on Complicated Offers page]
Fremont Street Experience zero sign-up bonuses for Binion's, Fitzgeralds, Four Queens, & Golden Nugget; kiosk near Binion’s, voucher required [see American Casino Guide on Complicated Offers page]
Galleria Mall zero only discount coupons; customer service, photo ID, AAA membership
LV Premium Outlets zero only discount coupons; Information Booth
Planet Hollywood $11.98 25-50 any game, coupon for booklet entitled Miracle Mile Shops; given at slot club booth with sign-up
Planet Hollywood: Miracle Mile Shops zero mostly discount coupons, bottle of water at Brighton [p. 25], two line passes to Krave Nightclub [p. 49], $15 morplay at Planet Hollywood with slot sign-up [p. 95]; customer service desk
Riviera $2.52 5-7 BJ, 5-7 craps, 5-7 roulette; slot booth
Showcase Mall zero mostly discount coupons, candy at Ethel M; customer service
(Slots-A-Fun) 44$ see Circus Circus on this page
Terrible's $5.47 10-20 any game on M-W, 5-7 roulette anytime, $5 morplay for email address, drink (beer or wine), t-shirt for four 7s at vp on M-W, 100-coin bonus for four 7s or 8s on 1$-25$ vp machines, 2x (100-1,000 points) on M-W,F,or Sa, earn 1,000 points on Sa for $10 morplay, earn 1,500 points on M or W for Th dinner buffet, earn (500, 750,or 1,000) points for a (breakfast, lunch,or dinner) buffet except Th dinner, coupon for a game of bowling at Terrible's Town; slot booth, slot card and non-NV ID, one/month (computer monitored)
Tropicana $2.31 10-15 any game; slot booth
Tuscany $2.40 5-10 any game, gift, earn (100, 250,or 500) points for a ($10, $25,or $50) comp respectively; given with slot club sign-up
Venetian: Grand Canal Shoppes zero (double book; see Fashion Show Mall) mostly discount coupons, bottle of water at Brighton [p. 11], jewelry cleaner at Simayof [p. 39], make-up consultation and sample at Dior Beauty [p. 49], makeover or skincare application at Guerlain [p. 55],; Welcome to Las Vegas store, voucher required [see American Casino Guide on Complicated Offers page]
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The heading, E. V., of the second column from the right denotes the expected value of the gaming coupons in a particular row.

Entries with numbers of the form [game name] represent coupons where a specific bet x (in dollars) will, on winning, receive a payment y (in dollars) on the named game.  The coupon is commonly removed with the payoff.


Coupons to purchase chips, "buys" always involve non-negotiable chips that require play at the table games.


Coupons described as "ace" function as an ace which is set in front of the wager (a maximum of $x) as the first card in a hand of blackjack.  The hand is dealt a second card and then played as usual.


Many casinos distribute special funbooks to their hotel guests.  Those funbooks are not covered on this page, Free Funbooks, since an expenditure of funds is required.

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