CT Takes On Responsible Gaming

Published October 7, 2021

Connecticut has launched a statewide self-exclusion portal ahead of this year’s market launch. 

The state of Connecticut is showing its citizens that it is taking the legalization of online gaming seriously. This past week the state’s Department of Consumer Protection has launched a self-exclusion portal. The portal will allow any player in the state to opt-in and voluntarily ban themselves from gaming. 

The state is trumpeting this as their most considerable effort yet to implement strong responsible gambling measures before the market goes live later this year. 

Michelle H. Seagull, DCP Commissioner, released a statement saying, “We know there is a lot of excitement around the launch of an expanded gaming industry in Connecticut. While this may be a form of entertainment many people can enjoy, for others it can be a harmful addiction. The ability to voluntarily exclude yourself from these activities is one of the many tools available to help.” 

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont added, “Connecticut is about to embark on a new future when it comes to sports betting and gambling, and with these new programs come renewed responsibilities for state government. We’ve worked diligently to have strong provisions to ensure our self-exclusion policy is effective and provides the ability for individuals to take the proper steps to hold themselves accountable.”

The launch of the self-exclusion portal is part of a broader initiative working on teaching CT players the warning signs of problem gambling and providing resources for support. 

Why Responsible Gaming Matters

Our team at ACG takes responsible gaming very seriously. It’s an issue that impacts not just the person suffering but also their loved ones around them. 

This is why part of the state revenue generated by online casinos always goes towards such programs. 

Thankfully, many online casinos also offer tools to assist with problem gambling. BetMGM offers PlayPause at all of their casinos across America. This tool allows players to set the parameters they want to use to limit their bankroll whenever using their BetMGM account.

If you, or someone you know, maybe suffering from problem gaming, we encourage you to seek out assistance. 

What Can CT Players Expect As Online Casinos Go Live?

Ready or not, Connecticut, here they come! 

Some of the top online casinos in the country have already applied for their license in the state, including: 

For a market so close to NYC, this is only the beginning. So check back often for more news on Connecticut’s upcoming online casino industry.