Pennsylvania: iGaming Revenue on the Rise for October 2022

By Raymond
Published November 30, 2022

Compared to 2021, the month of October once again reveals growth in the gambling sector, not just for iGaming, which set record highs this month, but all sectors. The PGCB’s (Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board) recent report shows an increase from $425.9 million in October 2021 up by 5.71% to $450.2 million in October 2022. 

The report combines all sectors of casino and sports betting in the state, including table games, sports betting, online gaming, fantasy betting, video slot and poker terminals, and online poker. The state’s online gaming sector has set new records, reaching $151.7 million in October 2022, beating the previous record that was set in March 2022 by over $4 million in gross revenue.

iGaming and Online Poker Revenue 

The fact that a new iGaming high was set is certainly impressive, considering internet poker shows a decrease in the last year. In October 2022 online poker collected $2.5 million in gross revenue, which is down by 12.72% compared to the $2.8 million for October 2021. 

While poker might be down, online slots managed to collect $86.3 million in October 2022. This number shows growth of over 22% compared to the $70.7 million that was generated in October 2021. 

Among the top performers we see Penn National Casino and Hollywood Casino, which are responsible for generating $52.7 million in internet revenue, including:

  • Online Slots Generated $35.2 Million 
  • Online Table Games Collected $17.2 Million 
  • Online Poker Collected $308,814