Self-Exclusion Enrollment Reaches 20k Members in Pennsylvania

By Raymond
Published June 12, 2023

On 5 June 2023, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board announced its self-exclusion program officially reached 20,000 members in the state. 

Casinos in the state must provide the option to self-exclude themselves from gambling activities, introduced in 2006. As part of the responsible gambling program, players can exclude themselves from gambling activities in the state. 

Players who choose the option will self-exclude themselves from all gambling activities in the state, including casino and sports betting. The program provides multiple options, allowing players to choose from various ban periods, from one year to lifelong. 

Once the self-exclusion is in place, casinos in Pennsylvania are not allowed to provide gambling services to these players and cannot allow them to enter the casino premises. The excluded player could face a trespassing criminal charge if they attempt to enter a casino. 

The director of the OCPG (Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling), Elizabeth Lanza, said: 

“The Casino Self-Exclusion Program, along with the agency’s three other self-exclusion programs, are effective and proven tools that allow individuals to regain control over their lives and to learn about other recovery resources. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board encourages anyone who thinks they may have a gambling problem to seek treatment and consider taking advantage of the voluntary Self-Exclusion Programs.”

Interesting Facts about the Self-Exclusion

In Pennsylvania, it took 17 years to reach the 20,000 mark of players who self-exclude themselves from gambling. Of the 20,000 users, only 4,335 or 21% chose to expertise the lifetime ban. 

It’s also interesting that more men form part of the program. Nearly 13,000 men have registered to self-exclude themselves, while only 7,189 women have participated. In terms of age, the youngest participant is 21, while the oldest is 102. 

While the program is incredibly successful, at the time of reaching the 20,000 mark, only 1,026 individuals have re-enrolled for the program, of which 307 selected the lifetime ban. 

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