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In our casino profile this month we take a trip to the Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower in Las Vegas Nevada, the tallest building West of the Mississippi River.

In our video podcast this month American Casino Guide associate editor, Matt Bourie, attends the Blackjack Apprenticeship Training Program to learn how to count cards and tells of his experience.

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And finally, we have an interview with Tommy Hyland, who has established and run some of the most sucessful blackjack card counting teams ever.

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Steve Bourie

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Casino Profile

Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower
Las Vegas, Nevada

In this month’s casino profile we travel back to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit the Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower.

July Video Podcast “How To Count Cards with the Blackjack Apprenticeship Training Course”

In this video American Casino Guide associate editor, Matt Bourie, learns how to count cards at the Blackjack Apprenticeship training course in Las Vegas.

The class is taught by two former pro players: Colin Jones and Ben Crawford, who led a successful card counting team that won millions of dollars. Their team was composed primarily of members of their church and a documentary film was made about their exploits: Holy Rollers – The True Story of Card Counting Christians.

Matt explains what the course was like and gives his thoughts on what he learned. Following that there is an interview with American Casino Guide author Steve Bourie and Colin Jones who is a co-founder of the Blackjack Apprenticeship training course.

Watch the video now!

Meet Tommy Hyland – The “King” Of Card Counters

American Casino Guide author Steve Bourie interviews Tommy Hyland, who ran some of the most successful card counting teams of all time and also spoke at the Blackjack Apprenticeship Training Course which you can see more about in our video podcast above.

Read “Meet Tommy Hyland – The “King” Of Card Counters” Now

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Steve Bourie
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