Cash At Cage Casinos

Cash At Cage Casinos

Cash Is King for Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

You cannot beat using cash at a casino’s cage for instant deposits and withdrawals. Once you are identified, there is…

You cannot beat using cash at a casino’s cage for instant deposits and withdrawals. Once you are identified, there is no waiting period, and the money is in your pocket or your account in seconds. 

It is important to note that you can only use cash at a casino cage if the online casino you are playing at has an arrangement with a land-based casino. Most casinos licensed and regulated in the United States have this arrangement with a land-based partner.

Let’s review this simple process.

Cash At Casino Cage Review

Cash at a casino cage is a payment option available specifically for players in the United States. This transaction option is provided by online betting sites regulated and licensed within states where online gambling is permitted and that have a land-based partner. 

It’s a safe, convenient, and private way to transact with your casino. Gamblers will need to have a verified account with the online casino, including a verified credit card or another banking account. 

But, when depositing or withdrawing money at a cage, no bank, cards, e-wallets, or third-party providers are involved, and no card information goes over the net. There are no fees, and your success rate for transacting is virtually guaranteed.

The casinos support this transaction method as the player’s identity is confirmed before the transaction takes place. KYC, or “Know Your Customer”, is important to casinos as it helps stamp out fraud, money laundering, underage gambling, and problem gambling.

For your safety and to ensure you only bet with a casino that will treat you fairly and honestly, select one of the casinos on our reviews page. We only recommend reputable and licensed sites.

Did You Know?
Players from the Golden Nugget online casino in New Jersey can deposit and withdraw at the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City, and gamblers using can go to the cage at Caesars Atlantic City.

How to Use Cash at Casino Cage for Deposits and Withdrawals

If the online casino has this arrangement, you must present yourself, in person, with your identification at the cage, and the attendants will assist you in depositing or withdrawing funds.

Are There Any Fees When Depositing and Withdrawing Cash at a Casino Cage?

No fees are payable when depositing or withdrawing cash at a casino cage.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Your Winnings Using Cash at Casino Cage

Here are some simple steps to help deposit or withdraw cash at a casino cage. You will have to undergo a verification process, as trustworthy casinos ensure that only people authorized to access their online partners’ sites can do so.


  1.  The cashier will require your full name, and you will have to prove that you are who you say you are. You must be able to produce your driver’s license or an identity document that carries your name and a photo. 

The cashier may also ask you to confirm the last four digits of your Social Security Number or verbally confirm other personal information, such as your email address or username, before concluding the identification process.

  1. You instruct the cashier that you want to make a deposit and hand over the cash. As soon as it has been counted, it will be uploaded to your online account and immediately available.


  1. You have to place your withdrawal request via the online casino’s withdrawals page. As you fill in the request, you can indicate that you want the payment made via cash at the casino cage.
  2. Wait approximately 24 hours to receive confirmation that your funds are ready at the cage. 
  3. Go to the cage and give the cashier your photo identification. They may ask you to provide additional information to confirm your identity.
  4. Once you have completed the verification process, you can collect your cash directly from the cashier.
Did You Know?
Withdrawing $10,000 in $10 bills would weigh over two pounds; in $5 bills, it would weigh over four pounds; and in $1 bills, you would be carrying just over 22 pounds! 

Solutions to Common Problems When Using Cash at Casino Cage For Transactions

Transacting through the cage at a casino is a simple process, but there are times when things go wrong. Here we look at a few things that could be a problem and what you can do about them.

  1. I can’t find the Cash at Casino Cage option for my withdrawal

For any problems with withdrawing funds, contact the Customer Support desk of your online casino. They will have a telephone number, live chat, or email address that you can use. The customer support staff will assist you in completing your withdrawal request.

  1. I have arranged to collect my winnings at the cage but have forgotten my driver’s license – can I still collect my money?

If you have another form of photo identification acceptable to the casino, you can pass the verification process and collect your withdrawal. 

  1. I want to send someone else to collect my requested withdrawal.

This will not be possible. You must appear in person to transact at the cage. Most casinos will grant you up to 14 days to finalize your transaction. If this is not going to be enough time, contact your online casino’s customer support desk and arrange to have the transaction canceled.

Did You Know?
Cash at the cage is the most popular method as it has the least amount of possible issues; in fact, an average of 116,493 people per day use it in Vegas, showing how busy Cashiers and cages are.

Pros and Cons of Using Cash at Casino Cage Payments for Financial Transactions

We look at some pros and cons of financial transactions done via a casino cage.

Deposits reflect immediately in your online accountQueues at the cages – most casino cages are very busy places
Offers a cash option to online playersOnly available to players in US states where online gambling is legal
No transaction feesYou must appear in person, and no one can collect on your behalf
No gambling transactions appear on your bank account statement

Cash at Casino Cage Payments vs. Other Payment Methods

Transacting in cash at the casino cage has many benefits, as detailed above. Some drawbacks include making your way to a land-based casino to transact, which can be very inconvenient if you don’t live close to one.  

Cash at Casino CageCredit CardsBank transfere-WalletsBitcoin
Cash in your pocketβœ”πŸž§πŸž§πŸž§πŸž§
Deposits reflect immediatelyβœ”βœ”πŸž§βœ”βœ”
No Gambling information appears on your bank statementsβœ”πŸž§πŸž§πŸž§πŸž§
No transaction feesβœ”βœ”πŸž§βœ”βœ”
No Banking Data sharedβœ”πŸž§πŸž§πŸž§πŸž§
Standing in a Queue to transactβœ”πŸž§πŸž§πŸž§πŸž§
Can be done globallyπŸž§βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”
Did You Know?
Gambling transactions appearing on your bank statement can cause all kinds of problems if you need to present a bank statement. Tasks such as applying for a mortgage or a bank loan can be affected if a large number of gambling transactions appear on your bank statement. 

So, Is Cash at a Casino Cage for Me?

This is a very easy method of transacting with an online casino. If you are based in the United States and live in one of the states where online gambling is legal, then depositing and withdrawing via a land-based cage is a simple, quick process.

Frequently asked questions

All land-based casinos take the security of their patrons very seriously and have a wide range of security measures in place.
No, this is not possible. You must present yourself personally to transact at the cage, as you will have to undergo a verification process.
You must complete a withdrawal request via your online session and wait for a confirmation that the withdrawal has been approved before going to the cage. If you have done this, contact the customer support representative of the online casino for assistance.
The cashier will count out the physical notes you receive at the cage. When you are undergoing your verification process, ask the cashier to give you your withdrawal in a specific set of denominations.
No transaction details will appear on your bank or credit card statements. You have not transacted with a bank in any way, so information about this transaction can't appear on any bank statement. You will only see it on the list of transactions in your online gambling account.
Yes, any money you win is considered taxable income by the IRS. Most casinos will not deduct taxes from you, they will hand you a form W-2G to complete for the IRS. In addition, there are state taxes to consider. New Jersey taxes winnings at a flat rate of 3%, but Nevada has a sliding rate of between 3.5% and 6.75%. Check your local state regulations for clarification.