Venmo Casinos

Advantages and disadvantages of Venmo and where you can use it

Venmo is an online payment system known for its instant deposits. It can operate online or via a supplied Cash card. As this is a secure and instant payment method, many online casinos have started offering it. Read this review to find out more about how this payment system works.

Payments are a crucial part of the online casino experience. They get you started when playing and they bring you your winnings. Find out whether Venmo is the right option for you and where you can use it in this US payment methods online casino review.

One thing you should be aware of is that Venmo is not a stand-alone payment method widely accepted at many online casinos. However, you can use Venmo to fund another payment method that is accepted. 

There is also a Venmo Mastercard debit and credit card that you can get in order to use at US online casinos. An initial Venmo deposit is required to withdraw using this method. Venmo is not permitted in all jurisdictions.

Venmo Review – Staying Safe

Venmo is an app-based digital wallet. Since 2009, it’s been helping people pay bills, send cash, and pay online. The transactions have a reputation for being safe as they’re encrypted and your payment details aren’t shared. Plus, biometric passcodes for the app mean only you can access it.

When using Venmo with online casinos, you can rest assured that both parties are using advanced tools to protect your data and your funds. Casinos perform Know Your Customer (KYC) identity checks, so only payment methods in your name will be accepted. We only recommend safe casinos that have the appropriate license in place.

Did You Know?
, which is another trusted online payment provider, is the parent company of Venmo. 

How to Use Venmo at Online Casinos

To use Venmo you’ll need to link the payment account that you created through the app or your Venmo card to your online casino account. Once connected, you can quickly deposit and withdraw.

Are there Fees for Depositing and Withdrawing with Venmo?

There aren’t any fees from casinos for using Venmo. Venmo has some charges, but it’s easy to avoid them and still use this payment method.

How to Deposit and Withdraw with Venmo?

One of the easiest ways to deposit with Venmo is with your Venmo debit card. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in and access the cashier at your preferred online casino
  2. Enter the details from your Venmo card
  3. Add the amount that you want to deposit
  4. Review the details and confirm

Once it’s time to withdraw, you’ll need to choose another method. Online casinos are slowly adding Venmo, but it isn’t widely available and card withdrawals aren’t accepted. 

Did You Know?
Through your Venmo account, you can get a debit or credit card. It’s supplied by Mastercard and can be used online.

Solutions to Issues Using Venmo at Online Casinos

If you run into issues, check the solutions below.

  1. My casino doesn’t list Venmo on the deposit page. What should I do?

If you can’t see Venmo listed it might not be available. You can still use Venmo at many casinos if you have a Venmo card, so choose the Mastercard option instead.

  1. My deposit didn’t arrive. What should I do?

Check the Venmo app to see if the payment is in review. You might need to provide additional information and occasionally it can take 48 hours to process.

  1. My deposit failed. What happened?

You can check with casino customer support to see if they can explain it. You should also check your Venmo app. If you haven’t verified your identity, you’ll have a low transaction limit, which could be the reason why it failed.

Did You Know?
You can use the chat function on the app, email or phone line to get support from Venmo. Card support is available 24/7.

Pros and Cons of Venmo

There are several advantages and some drawbacks to using Venmo.

Secure paymentsNot widely accepted for transfers
Easy access from your mobileCard not always accepted for withdrawals
Low or even no fees

Venmo vs Other Methods

When using your Venmo card it’s similar to using a debit or credit card. However, it’s more likely to be successful, whereas some banks will block online casino payments. When compared to online transfers and e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill, it’s at a disadvantage because it’s not available for withdrawals.

FeaturesVenmoPayPalMastercardApple Pay
Unlikely to be rejected✔️✔️✔️
Can be used for withdrawalsVaries by casino✔️
Did You Know?
All actions can be completed via the app. The Venmo app works on iOS and Android devices.

A Popular Option That’s Likely to Grow

Venmo is a secure option and access through the app makes it convenient. It isn’t widely accepted by online casinos as a payment option for transfers. However, using a Venmo card for deposits is a great workaround. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t a viable choice for withdrawals though. We expect Venmo could become a more widely accepted option in the future, like its parent company PayPal.

Frequently asked questions

You can sign up via the app. You can download Venmo to your Android or iOS device. Alternatively, you can use the website to create your account by providing your personal details. You need to have had your account for 30 days before applying for a card and be aged 18 or over.
Yes, when you deposit with Venmo, specifically with your Venmo card, it acts like a Mastercard. This payment method isn’t usually excluded from bonus offers. It means as long as you deposit the right amount, you should be eligible to claim.
There are other withdrawal options besides Venmo. If you’ve used another payment method at the casino, you might be able to use that to withdraw. Otherwise, you can get your fund via bank transfer or check.
Venmo does charge some fees. It clearly sets them all out on its site. The main ones are for instant transfers and credit card transactions when sending money. Online purchases and transfers from your bank account don’t trigger fees.
Yes, for the smoothest transactions and better payment limits, you’ll need to verify your identity. It’s best to provide verification documents to the casino and to Venmo as soon as possible. That way the process won't slow down any of your transactions.
If you like Venmo but want to try another payment option to fund your online casino account, you could try PayPal. It's the company that owns Venmo. Plus, it’s secure, widely accepted, and can be used for withdrawals.