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Learn how to play European Roulette

European roulette is one of the most common variations of the game you'll find at top casinos in the USA. Learn what makes this game different from others, how to play it, where to find the best casino bonus, and more in our handy guide below.

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Learn the Rules of this Well-loved Casino Game

As a game that traces its history to Europe, it’s safe to say that European Roulette is the most authentic version there is. It comes with simple rules and a lower house edge. Get started with the game by learning more about its practices, types of bets, and odds.

What are the best online casinos with European roulette?

European Roulette is a widely popular casino game that is playable in top US casinos. You can play this in free and real money mode in the following reputable online casinos:

Master the Rules & Odds of European Roulette

Roulette is a classic casino game that’s rich in history. Through the years, several variants have been developed, with European Roulette as the most enduring. This game boasts the same betting rules with a few slight differences with other variants. This game offers players with higher odds of winning and straightforward rules to remember.

The Objective

In American Roulette, you bet on where the roulette ball will land after a spin. The game features two components: the European Roulette wheel and the table. This wheel comes with 37 pockets, each with a different number and alternating color, and a table where you place your bets.

Live dealer roulette

Types of bets in European Roulette

European Roulette offers its players multiple ways to bet. You can bet on a single number, group of numbers, color, or predict whether the result is odd or even. Described below are the two categories of bets and their examples.

Inside bets for European Roulette

These are the best you make on a specific number or group of numbers that offer higher-paying odds.

Straight-up Bet

You are betting on a single number and boasts the biggest payout.

Split Betting

This is a wager on two numbers, and you place the chip between these two numbers.

Street Bet

You place the chip at the end of a ‘street’ or a row of three numbers. This bet covers a row of three numbers.

Outside bets in European Roulette

In outside bets, you can win frequently, but these feature lower payouts.

Color Bet

You bet on whether the outcome of a random spin is red or black. If it lands on the green slot, you lose the bet.


You wager whether the final number in the betting round is even or odd.


This is a bet on whether the final number is in the top half of the board (1-18) or the lower half (19-36).

Other types of bets

There are other types of roulette bets to play depending on the selected game variant.

Line Bet

This wager resembles the Street Bet but covers two adjacent rows of numbers.

Special Bets

These are bets that you can play in specific European Roulette titles from top software vendors. Some examples of these bets are Orphelins a Cheval, Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre and Orphelins.

RTP, Payouts and House edge in European Roulette

RTP, Payouts and House edge in European Roulette chart table

The appeal of the online European Roulette game lies in the simplicity of the rules and its friendly house edge. Check out the table below for the schedule of payouts for different types of bets, the probability of winning, and the Return to Player (RTP) percentage.

RTP in European Roulette

The RTP describes how a game pays out its players in the long term. Among the popular roulette variants, the online casino European roulette offers the best RTP at 97.30%.

Payouts in European Roulette

With European Roulette, you can play different types of bets with specific odds and payouts. Some bets offer a higher winning probability but lower payouts, while some wagers pay bigger but lower bet probability. Among the different chances to play, a straight-up bet or wager on a single number delivers the best payout of up to 35:1. Even-money bets like odd/even or high/low have a higher chance of coming up on a spin but only pay 1:1.

House Edge in European Roulette

The house edge describes the casino’s advantage in a specific game. In European Roulette, the house edge is set at 2.70%.

European Roulette vs. other Roulette Variants

Roulette is a classic casino game that uses a wheel with pockets in alternating colors of black and red and a betting table. It is available in three major variants: European, American, and French Roulette games. All these variants share the same objective, to predict where the ball will land after a spin, with slight differences in the wheel’s layout and specific types of bets to play.

European RouletteAmerican RouletteFrench Roulette
Layout37 pockets(0-36)38 pockets(0-36 + 00)37 pockets(0-36)
BetsStraight-up, Split, Street, Corner, Odd/Even, High/Low, Red/BlackStraight-up, Split, Street, Corner, Odd/Even, High/Low, Red/Black, Five Line, Special BetsStraight-up, Split, Street, Corner, Odd/Even, High/Low, Red/Black, Announced bets such as Voisins du Zero, Le Tiers du Cylinder, Jue Zero, Orphelins, and Finales

Difference between European and American roulette

The primary difference between the European and American variants lies in the design of the wheel. There’s an extra green pocket for ’00’ in American Roulette, which increases the game’s house edge to 5.26%.

Difference between European and French roulette

The rules of French Roulette are patterned after that of European Roulette with one difference: the rule on La Partage. This means that if the roulette ball lands in ‘0’, you get half of your wager.

Roulette wheel

How to play European Roulette – Breakdown of a round

  1. After mastering the game’s rules, you’re now ready to bet on European Roulette. Before you start, make sure that you top-up your account using one of the casino’s accepted payment methods.
  2. Check out the ‘Games Lobby’ and click on ‘European Roulette.’
  3. Decide on your bet and identify the amount you want to wager.  Click on a casino chip that represents the amount you want to play and place this on a specific spot on the betting table that represents your bet.
  4. The dealer then spins the roulette wheel and throws the ball. You can still place additional bets while the roulette is starting to spin.
  5. While the roulette ball starts its spin, the dealer says, ‘No more bets.’ Once announced, you can no longer place your bets.
  6. Once the roulette ball slows down and lands on the wheel that represents your bet, you win a payout. Other winnings are paid out and the dealer announces the start of a new round.

Strategies for advanced players

With European Roulette, players can enjoy a familiar playing style with different bets to choose from. Also, each spin produces a random outcome, making the game more exciting for most players. Although this game offers an unexpected outcome in each spin, there are some steps you can take to tilt the game’s edge in your favor. You can study the different betting strategies and adopt what works for your bankroll and playing style.

The Martingale System

A popular roulette betting strategy where you double your bet after a loss. If you win, you return to your base bet.

Reverse Martingale strategy

It’s the opposite of the Martingale strategy where you double your wager after a win. For example, if your $10 bet wins in a round, you need to wager $20 on the next round.

Fibonacci strategy

This betting strategy follows the famous Fibonacci numerical sequence as the basis for making a bet. In this strategy, you increase your bet when losing around with the sequence as the guide.

D’Alembert strategy

For every loss, you increase the bet by one and increase it whenever you earn a win. This betting strategy is best used on even-money bets such as high/low or odd/even.


European Roulette is a player’s favorite for several reasons. It’s a classic game that’s rich in history, comes with plenty of bets to play, and the outcomes are always random. And if you play in reputable US online casinos, you can even collect lucrative bonuses and promotions for an exciting gambling experience!

Frequently asked questions

The odds of the ball falling on a number you backed, such as 12, are one in 37 times, rather than one in 38 times, in European Roulette. With European Roulette, your chances of winning are immediately better.
Bets placed on specific numbers in American Roulette have decreased odds of winning. In European Roulette, the odds are 1 in 38, compared to 1 in 37. When the chances are lower, the payouts are larger in some games....... Overall, the House Edge is 5.26 percent when you play American Roulette.
On the roulette wheel, focusing on outside bets is the ideal strategy for increasing your winnings (or minimizing your losses, if you want). However, even if you don't win a fortune, betting on odds and evens, red or black, and high or low on the roulette wheel provides you the best chance of winning.
This game offers one of the lowest house edges in the business at 2.7%.